5lb Imported Italian Dark Chocolate Egg: with a hidden surprise inside!  Winner will be announced on April 10th, 2020. $1.00 per ticket

Pound Cake Egg: A pound cake egg covered in chocolate ganache, decorated with spring flowers.

​Seasonal Specials

Cupcake Decorating KitEach kit contains 3 vanilla and 3 chocolate cupcakes, with 12 oz of butter cream, sprinkles and toys to decorate. $15.00

Easter Bunny Pound Cake: pound cake shaped like a bunny, decorated with shredded coconut "grass" and jelly beans.

Braided Ring BreadBraided sweet dough with dyed hard-boiled eggs inside. Available in both large and small sizes. 

Large: $8.00     Small: $1.75

Easter Bunny Tray:  3 small pound cake bunnies on a tray, decorated with shredded coconut "grass" and chocolate candy eggs. 

Check back often for our promotions and seasonal specials!

Call the store at (609) 265-1270 to place your Easter orders!

Ferrara Traditional Colomba Cake: golden sponge cake filled with a hint of candied fruit, topped with icing and almonds. $9.99

Tortano: A savory traditional Neapolitan-style Easter bread baked with Genoa salami, ham cappy, ham, provolone cheese, black pepper, hard boiled eggs, and pork lard.

Bellino Imported Italian Chocolate Eggs: available in dark chocolate, salted caramel chocolate, and milk chocolate.

Easter Lamb Pound Cake: pound cake lamb displayed on a tray with shredded coconut "grass" and candy eggs.