Seasonal Specials


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                  Holiday Pie List

Apple Crumb or Traditional $14.00

Blueberry Crumb or Traditional $14.00

Cherry Crumb or Traditional $14.00

Coconut Custard $15.00

Peach Crumb or Traditional $14.00

Pumpkin $11.00

Pumpkin w/ Whipped Cream $12.00

Lemon Meringue $14.00

Pecan $17.00

Apple Cranberry Crumb or Traditional $15.00

​1lb Gold Cookie Boxes: $14.99

1.5lb Cookie Tray: $27.49

2lb Cookie Tray: $33.99

3lb Cookie Tray: $48.99

5lb Cookie Tray: $74.99

Small Yule Log: $50.00

Custom Pastry Trays: price varies

Craisin Walnut 7 Grain: $7.25

Raisin & Almond Challah: $10.99

Plain Challah: $9.99

Stollen: $12.99

Pull-Apart Dinner Roll Trays: $12.99
 Dinner rolls baked in a deep dish tray made with
fresh garlic, herbs, cherry tomatoes and marinara sauce.