All of our artisan breads are hand-shaped and baked in our custom made brick oven.  We use only the finest quality ingredients from our grains and flours, as well as other locally grown products to serve you a wide variety of hearth baked breads.  All breads can be made to order; call the store to learn about seasonal items and breads.


Round: $0.65 each  $5.45 dozen 

​​*Please call the store to inquire about other specialty stuffed loaves of bread.

**All rolls are available with seeds for an extra $0.99 per dozen.  With notice, we can customize your roll order to include: poppy seeds, sesame seeds, caraway seeds, onion, oats, or cracked wheat.

Mini​ Torpedo

Hearth Baked Breads and Rolls


Brioche: $0.70 each  $5.25 dozen

Hoagie: $0.75 each   $6.30 dozen


7-Grain: $4.50

French Baguette: $2.55

French Boulle: $3.00

Sourdough: $4.00

Whole Wheat: $4.25

Ciabatta: $3.00

Garlic: $6.00

​Irish Soda Bread: $4.50

Brick Oven Italian: $3.00

New York Rye: $4.25

Pepperoni & Mozzarella: $7.99

Pumpernickel: $4.25

Black Olive & Rosemary Sourdough: $4.25

Pumpkin Bread: $4.99

Challah: $8.00

Sweet Bread:$8.00